Unique way for (pregnant) women
and healthcare providers to interact


You decide whom you want to share your medical data with.

High Mobility

You can access your medical data on your smartphone whenever and wherever you are.


The communication and calendar tool increases interaction with your healthcare provider.

About MyHealth@Hand App

In many countries, there is a critical shortage of well-trained healthcare providers, and so the efficient delivery of healthcare is essential. Three factors which can support efficiency are empowerment of clients; connecting healthcare providers and clients; and the efficient use of medical data. Clients visit many different healthcare providers. However, their medical history and information about previous visits are not transferred to all of the healthcare providers involved in most cases. Tests and examinations need to be redone and clients need to recount their medical history over and over again. More importantly, maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity are still a major problem in many countries. By promoting the involvement of women in their own care and linking them more closely to the healthcare system, devastating problems can be prevented. MyHealth@Hand makes this possible.

Health[e]Foundation developed the app in collaboration with Industry 62 and Elagem. These companies have developed the Estonian nationwide digital health information system, and continue to develop innovative technological methods of improving care that are appropriate for local situations in other countries. The app is now in the proof of concept stage. For the first pilot the app was introduced in Uganda in April 2019, followed by testing and piloting in Tanzania in September 2019 and in Kenya in November 2019.

Have a safer pregnancy!

The app will provide you with:

  • your own personal health data at hand;
  • a communication tool to interact with your healthcare provider;
  • relevant information regarding your stage of pregnancy;
  • a tool which you can use to enter notes about medical visits or check-ups;
  • active reminders to go for antenatal check-ups;
  • health tracker for your children, including vaccinations, growth and nutritional status.

Your healthcare provider will have:

  • an overview of your health summary;
  • insights on your clinic visits and problems that have occurred in between the visits;
  • a calendar tool to book appointments;
  • a communication tool to interact with you;
  • an overview of vaccinations, growth and nutritional status of your children;
  • Get reliable information
  • Track your pregnancy
  • Collect health data
  • Connect with your healthcare provider


Get Started

You can use this app to access your medical data on your smartphone. Your medical data will be recorded by your healthcare provider in their app.

You healthcare providers can populate the app with e-data and use the digital medical data to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of their work.


For (Expectant) Mothers
Get it on Google Play

For Health care providers
Get it on Google Play

You will be guided step-by-step to fill in the required information.

As a security measure, you can secure your account with a verification code sent to your phone and a 4-digit PIN. You can use this PIN code every time you visit the app and to open your personal information.

  • Offline health information in the Learning Center
  • Weekly updates on your and your child's health
  • Access your health data anywhere, anytime!
  • Create, view, and get reminded for your appointments
  • Exchange information with your healthcare provider using the Chat function
  • View your child's immunization and growth data


The concept of this m-health service was born of the team of Health[e]Foundation, an Amsterdam-based NGO founded in 2003. Health[e]Foundation provides educational and information resources for healthcare providers and the community using blended learning methodologies.


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